Building Upgrade Concierge (BUC)

Building Upgrade Concierge

The Building Upgrade Concierge (BUC) is a web-based tool that is available to all I-REN participating agencies. This customer-facing portal can assist agencies by: 

  • Gathering enrollment information from interested agencies and evaluating enrollees based on eligibility criteria 
  • Reviewing energy use and benchmarking facilities against each other and against EnergyStar 
  • Displaying a tailored list of opportunities to the agency based on the enrollment information they input 
  • Providing access to other informational resources relevant to participating agencies 
  • Connecting agencies to I-REN program staff to begin person-to-person next steps 

Agencies that apply for incentives through I-REN will also use BUC to track the performance of their projects and review the savings achieved relative to goals.

BUC has three components that work together to support participating agencies. These are: 

  1. Analytics – This includes the dashboard, benchmarking, and energy analysis tools. The dashboard provides at-a-glance energy savings information, while the benchmarking and energy analysis tools allow a deeper understanding of energy usage. 
  2. Modeling – These tools allow agencies to estimate the energy savings potential of various projects, along with any associated incentives that may be available through I-REN. 
  3. Measurement & Verification – This tool allows agencies and I-REN personnel to track the performance of installed projects and calculate the incentives that have been achieved.
Sample Screenshot of BUC Dashboard

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