Who We Are

I-REN is made up of the Coachella Valley Association of Governments, San Bernardino Council of Governments, and Western Riverside Council of Governments.

We are passionate and committed local councils of government (COGs) coming together to bring much-needed energy efficiency resources, education, and funding to our region.

We collaborate with local leaders to provide the maximum benefit equitably, across all communities in the area. We review program performance, receive regulatory updates, and offer an opportunity for feedback and discussion.

I-REN Organization

Our work together is currently budgeted through 2027 to focus on three sectors:

  • Public Sector (Municipal-Owned Facilities)
  • Codes and Standards
  • Workforce Education and Training

Our Communities

We are one of the most remote regions of California and experience extreme heat and intensely dry conditions in the summer months. These conditions require air conditioning in most buildings, resulting in high energy use and costs.

Vulnerable populationssuch as children, the elderly, and families with low- to moderate-income levelsbenefit greatly from public gathering spaces that offer protection from extreme heat. I-REN administers the resources needed locally based on all these factors.

In addition, the region faces areas with high poverty rates; unemployment exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic; lack of accessible workforce training resources, (especially for disadvantaged workers); and insufficient resources to serve disadvantaged communities and tribal lands. With our Workforce Education and Training (WE&T) in place, we can educate and provide green career pathways for excellent jobs locally.

A snapshot of who we represent:

  • 11% of California’s population, located on 17% of the state’s land area
  • 52 cities
  • 78 unincorporated county areas
  • 17 tribes
  • 16% of residents who live in poverty (38% Hispanic and 34% Caucasian)
Map of Riverside, CA Metro

Riverside County

  • Population: 2,189,641
  • Covers: 7,208 square miles
  • Population Density: 304 people per square mile

San Bernardino County

  • Population: 2,035,210
  • Covers: 20,105 square miles
  • Population Density: 101 people per square mile

Our Funding & Structure

There is no charge to participate in the programs I-REN administers. That’s because we’re funded by utility ratepayer funds through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This Public Goods charge, levied on regular bills, provides the funding for us to administer our programs and deliver cost-free resources. This ensures everyone gets equal access to the benefits of energy efficiency and the support needed to create greener, climate-resilient communities.